Do You Really Need a Night Cream?

Night Face Cream – Is it Really Necessary?

night cream

Getting your eight hours of beauty sleep is great, but sometimes that isn’t possible.  Cosmetic’ companies lead us all to believe that we need a closet full of products to turn back the clock. Reality tells us however that the clock is ticking, and you can do your best to take care of your skin, but don’t waste your money on products that aren’t necessary. A night face cream is a good example.
Night face creams are lauded as cosmetics that shed years off your visage and bring back youthful vibrancy.  We’ve all heard commercials tell us that night face creams are formulated to penetrate your skin while it’s regenerating itself during sleep.  Is it possible, is it true?

Night cream are usually more hydrating and a bit thicker in consistency than day facial moisturizers, and they do not contain SPF like many day creams do. But as long as you are applying a moisturizer at night, it doesn’t matter if it’s a day or a night cream.

Cosmetics companies companies allege that your skin absorbs more nutrients while you sleep but there is little evidence this is true.  But if you do wake up feeling a bit dry or you don’t mind spending extra money, feel free to splurge on a night cream, but it is not necessary. If you’re happy with your day cream, go ahead and use it at night.

A few things to keep in mind as you weigh your choices:
1. Pick a cream that’ll work with your skin type. You definitely want to add moisture while you sleep (it’s the best time to do so since you can look greasy for a bit without being in public), but oily or combo skin will need less hydration than dry skin.
2. Focus on your biggest concerns. Whether it’s acne, uneven skin tone, fine lines, or wrinkles, there’s a product for you. Just make sure you find the right one.
3. Give it some time. Most night creams are not going to miraculously transform your skin in one night; they take days and even weeks to show off their full effects. So be patient, and don’t forget to apply the product every night.
4. Get enough sleep. If you’re only in bed for three hours, that night cream isn’t getting much time to work its magic. Aim for seven to eight hours of shut-eye; it’s better for your health and looks, and gives your products ample skin time.

Finally, if anti-aging is your goal check out Sausage Tree Cream which has been shown promise in clinical research for use in anti-aging.

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