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Sausage Tree Cream customers often come to us after they’ve suffered from skin conditions for years, even decades. They’ve often been to dermatologists and tried popular skin products (topical, oral, prescription, over-the-counter, and more) with little or no success.

They’re usually skeptical that something can work after all the failed attempts. But they gave Sausage Tree Cream a try, and now they’re believers… just read their testimonials below.

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Real Customer Stories


Happy Skin

My sister sent me this cream because I’ve had trouble with dry irritated skin for the last 2 years.  I’m in my mid 30s.

I noticed a difference after 1 week and I’ve been using it for 2 months now.

Kyle, Arizona


Relieves itching

A girlfriend of mine was using your cream for her sun spots.  I gave it a try and saw results.   I’m allergic to pets so this was  a godsend.  The cream has worked better than cortisone. Thank you.

Alice, South Carolina


Beats Eczema

I’ve been using sausage tree cream for about 2 weeks now. And I can tell you that it’s working. It’s not just clearing up my arms but my legs and chest and back too. Thanks so much.
Adam, Washington

Sausage Tree Cream

I have been using sausage tree cream for 9 days now, I can see great results as my pores are minimizing and the redness has decreased as well as I am getting less pimples. I have 2-3 new ones and they are whiteheads rather than the big cystic ones. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for this fantastic product.

Elizabeth, Australia


Age spots

An age spot on my face (about the size of a nickel)  has completely disappeared after a few months of use!  It’s also erased most of the wrinkles around  my eyes.

Maddy, New York


Smooth Skin Smooth Life

I’m using the cream on my body – and it makes my skin feel so much softer and smoother. It’s great.

J. A., Texas


We love it!

The Sausage Tree is working for us – I use it every day and love that it’s light and wears well under my sunscreen and make-up and my skin is clearer than ever. My 13 year old daughter is also using it and not that she had an “acne” problem, but she was prone to break outs and her face is in better shape than ever – very few break outs and much, much clearer.

Michelle Hamlin, Texas


Magic sausage tree

This cream is fantastic.  It soothes and protects my skin.  I am highly sensitive and suffer from psoriasis.  Everything rashes and chafes my dry skin.  This works and can be used over thelong term.  I can’t live without it now!

Don, Malaysia


Works for me

I have found Sausage Tree Cream  very effective on dry, scaly skin, and warts. I have spent much of my working life out doors and have developed dry and scaly skin damage on arms and legs, in particular. I have used Sausage Tree to clean up these damaged areas and it has returned stretch and smoothness to the skin.

Recommended for sun damage!

Gary, Oregon


The only thing that works

I suffer from psoriasis and this product has been very effective in soothing and clearing up my effected areas of skin with prolonged use. Customer service is also great. Satisfied customer!

Jason, Illinois


Acne, Rosacea

I thought that I had gone through the Acne stage years ago until I discovered I had Rosacea. I tried every known product on the market and between the embarrassment and products, which did not work; I was just about ready to hit the panic button. That is until I discovered sausage tree cream.  I admit that I was skeptical about it working for me but that skepticism went away when I began to see the results. My skin has never felt healthier, along with my total outlook on life. When you feel self conscious, it affects your everyday life. Sausage Tree Cream not only cures Rosacea also gives you a brand new outlook on life itself.  I also have started using it on my daughter who at 13 is starting to experience acne. She thinks it is pretty neat that mom and her share the same product!
Leslie, Rhode Island


Skin Cure-All

Order number 2 for your Sausage Tree ‘cure-all’ cream. Seems to be healing problem skin after 10 years!

Amanda, Hong Kong


No more cortisone

I’ve been using it on my son, he’s highly allergic to pets, so we’re always having problems.  The cream has helped tremendously and it works better and faster than cortisone.  Thanks.

Jenny, North Carolina


Sun Damaged Skin

I used this product twice a day for 8 weeks on sun damaged skin that never healed and it cleared it completely. That was three years ago and it has never re-appeared. Fantastic product, it really works.

Gavin, Georgia



I bought 2 tubes of your cream for dry skin and it was a great decision.  I’ve been seeing improvements every day!

Addy, United Kingdom


Highly Sensitive Skin

For about the last two years I have had a recurring problem at the side of my right eye, extending about 2″ long and 1″ wide. It drives me insane at times and I have not found out the cause of it. I have had sensitive skin all my life and can’t use soap powders, can only use sorbelene based body wash etc etc etc.

I recently purchased a 75ml tube of your Sausage tree cream and it appears to be working great.
Thank you.

Lena, Poland


Acne, ProActiv, Serious Skin Care

I am so grateful to have found sausage tree cream! It is the single best product I have ever used. I have been using sausage tree cream for about a month and my skin is almost totally clear! I began to see results after about a week of use and from then on my skin as continually improved. My acne problem was related to a hormonal imbalance due to taking and terminating oral contraceptives. I tried virtually every product out there: ProActiv, Serious Skin Care, Antibiotics, vitamins, and miscellaneous recommended herbs but nothing every helped. It was only after I started sausage tree cream that my skin began to become calmer and clearer. It is unfortunate that people have to spend so much money on dermatologists and get such little results. Today is my birthday and there is no better gift for me then clear skin.

Katie, Pennsylvania


Using it all the time

I keep a tube in my purse and a tube at home.   I love it.

Elly, New York


Beats Steroids

I am writing to let you know how ‘Sausage Tree’ Cream has changed our lives. My 7-year-old son had the most violent skin condition about 7 months ago. The doctors had to treat him with oral steroids and steroid cream. The eczema never totally went away and he would continue to have really extreme attacks. I was not happy using the steroid cream so I started researching more natural therapies, but nothing really worked. My son’s neck and wrists were so bad that I thought he was going to be scarred for life.

Then one day I saw your sausage tree cream and decided to give it a go. When we got home he put the cream on and 1 hour later I noticed that the inflammation had subsided. I applied the cream again before he went to bed. My son did not scratch himself that night and I almost cried when I saw his neck the next morning; his skin was almost back to normal for the first time in 7 months. His wrists were totally clear 2 days later.

We now make sure that we keep a full supply. Thank you for your wonderful cream, there are so many children out there who suffer from eczema and I hope that you can let people know what it has done for us, so they can give it a go themselves.

I wish I had pictures of Adam’s skin so you could show people what a miracle cream it really is.


J.B., Canada


Goodbye skin problems!

I am delighted, no ecstatic, to say that in a week of regular use my typical rashes and blemishes have disappeared. So happy with the results I have shared my new gained knowledge of your product with all my friends and coworkers who are sufferers of skin disorders.  Seeing my outstanding results they will surely give it a go.

With my greatest thanks,

Kathy, Florida


Former cynic

Hey there, I have been meaning to write to you for some time now to thank you for your product sausage tree cream.  I have been using sausage tree cream for 3 months now. It is a delight, it instantly moisturizes my skin without making it greasy.

I have psoriasis and chafing and dryness were always an issue.  Now my skin feels and looks great and smoother and firmer.

I am a bit of a cynic and usually but I’m glad I took a chance on you.

Thanks for a great cream and feel free, if they are helpful, to use my comments.

Veronika, Holland


Hubby Convinced

I was, of course, skeptical about the benefits but can only say that I am amazed, especially the backs of my hands. The difference is quite remarkable.

Hubby is most impressed – being a typical male had to be forced to use the cream – now – has gone to Fiji on some conference thing and actually asked me to put a tube in for him to take with him !!!!!!

You are doing good things and truly hope you will be rewarded

Daniella, Michigan


Word of Mouth!

Hello, I heard about your cream while travelling to South Africa.  I bought a tube and immediately saw results.  Very happy!

Ashley, Switzerland


Thank you!

I have suffered from problem skin for over 40 years (since I was 12) and used all the usual products, but I have never had such success with any other product. The cream worked immediately and I am soooo happy! I have been telling everyone about your product and the relief I have found. Thank you!! I sound like one of those ads on morning TV!! but I am thrilled I have found this product.

I’m completely sincere about my comments – I have tried everything, all the latest crazes over the years and this one really works.

Sasha, Montana


I love it!

I bought some of your Sausage tree cream last summer and didn’t get sun burned at all.  Super pleased!

Jennifer, Florida


Brilliant for Sun Damage!

Dear All,

I had sun damage on my collar bone that grew to 3cm X 1.5cm before I discovered Sausage tree cream. It was dark brown in the center fading to paler brown at its edges.

Since I have been rubbing the Sausage tree cream into it, it has shrunk to a tiny area less than half a centimeter square, which has faded to pale brown and that is rapidly disappearing. Your cream is miraculous.

It has also rejuvenated the backs of my hands and I’m starting to use it on my face to see how many years it can knock off  that!

Thank you.

Sarah, Singapore


Severe Acne Disappeared

I have been using sausage tree cream for the last 3 weeks and am thrilled with the results. After suffering with bad skin for the last 5 years and having tried everything under the sun.  I can confirm that my skin is 60%improved and I look forward to the day when it will be completely clear.

Thank you,
Alex, Ireland


Healing my skin

Thanks for making a product that finally has helped my skin.  I noticed that even old scars are fading away.  Bless you.

Clyde, Mississippi


Results in 3 days

I purchased a tube of your amazing cream a few weeks ago. I gave it to my niece, as she has been having treatment for skin problem and had terrible welts on her arms and legs (she has been on medication, cream, plus special washing powders, soaps etc.)bShe has been using the cream for 3 days and in that time the welts have gone down and she is extremely happy with the result.

My daughter has also had a rash on her face (on and off for months) she has tried it and again, it has settled down.

I have told many friends of your product and they will also be ordering the cream. I wish you every success.

Kind Regards,
Jessie, South Africa


Natural alternative to chemicals

Many companies pack their products full or parabens and nasty chemicals that make you sick.

I’m so excited I found a completely natural product that I can use on myself and my children. Best of all, it works so fast!

Kindest Regards,
Jenny, Ohio


Acne Gone

Hi, I have completed my first month at 8 pills daily and I am now on the 4-pill daily. I noticed a definite improvement within the first 5-6 days,and I noticed the texture and clarity of my skin continue to improve through the fourth week. The occasional one or two blemishes that I have gotten since on the medication have been non-inflammatory. Also, I have noticed a definite decrease in the oiliness of my skin. I am quite amazed at the results.I would be tempted to even try it for a second month at 8 pills daily since its safe, and effective, so why not go for perfection?

Thank you for a fantastic product.

Chris, Norway


Brown Marks Fading

I bought you cream and it has slowly been getting rid of the horrible brown patches I had all over my face. I am so thrilled with it!

Thank you so much,

Carla, Spain


Amazing product!

Hello Sausage Tree Cream  lady. Recently I bought some of your Sausage tree cream on a whimsy. The brilliant thing is that it worked and it worked better than I could have imagined.

Kind regards

Nancy, Australia


Persistent Eczema Cured

I am just writing to say thank you so much for your product.

I am a 25 year old female who suffered with mild eczema in my teens but just when I thought it should get better when I entered my twenties it got worse.

What most people don’t understand is that eczema is not just a few spots on your skin it can effect your entire life.

When my eczema developed to moderate, I was at my wits end. I didn’t want to socialize, I hated having to go to work and face people and I started to get so depressed. I went to the doctor, who put me on steroids, although this cleared the problem for a while, it was merely suppressing it not fixing it. I don’t like pumping my body full of harmful drugs so I decided to come off the steroids and my skin flared up worse than ever.

I tried every over the counter product I could find, I swear my local pharmacy built their extension on my purchases alone!!

Anyone after been to skin specialist after skin specialist, I was loosing faith. I am getting married this December and couldn’t face the thoughts of having bad skin on my wedding day.

Well by accident I came across your site. What a difference you have made to my life. My skin is so clear I just didn’t think it was possible. I love that the product is natural and has no side effects. I don’t feel like I am abusing my body with drugs. You have changed my life. I was always skeptical about these reviews when I read them because, I had tried so many products that promised the sun moon and starts but just gave me spots. Well this works, and anyone can contact me to know this review is real at:

Again thank you for changing my life!

Rachel, California


Blemishes Go Away

I’ve been using your product after my morning face washing ritual and I’m blown away.  My blemishes have disappeared and some dry patches that had been bothering me are gone too.

Tanya, Denmark


Longtime customer

This is my 10th time or so ordering sausage tree cream.  And I just want to say that my skin has cleared up since I started using it.  I have also been watching diet etc. but it is great to find a moisturizer which has helped so much. Thank you.

Mary, United Kingdom


Severe Cystic Acne, Accutane, Proactiv

Sausage Tree Cream is a great product!  The results are truly amazing.  When I found the Sausage Tree Cream website, I was having a bout with very bad cystic acne, and desperate to find something that truly works.  I have had acne every since I was in elementary school.  I have tried antibiotics, Acutance, Proactive, serious skin care, you name it, but nothing seemed to really help.  I decided to give Sausage Tree Cream a try based on the wonderful information on the website.  The clinical trials and the testimonials were inspirational. I have been using Sausage Tree Cream for seven weeks and the results have been amazing.  This is truly the best product I have ever used for acne. I no longer have those big painful cysts that made me sad and ashamed to leave my apartment.  I have already recommended Sausage Tree Cream to a few of my friends who also bout with adult acne.  Please continue to offer this wonderful product!

Fiona, France


Pleasant Surprise!

I wasn’t expecting much but after 2 days there was a marked improvement.  My skin is improving every day now.  I’m placing another order and can’t wait!

Kim, Italy