Sausage Tree Cream Benefits: A great Ethnobotanical in addition to Scientific Examine

Sausage Tree Cream Benefits: A great Ethnobotanical in addition to Scientific Examine

sausage tree cream benefits


Southeast Photography equipment includes in excess of 30, 000 seed types, a lot of that are fitted with possible as economically useful plants which are reasonably unknown to help Western civilization due to earlier trade embargoes. In fact, simply 50 these types are bought and sold to help virtually any significant level. 1 Some hundred these types already are acknowledged throughout research to obtain perhaps effective scientific things to do. The particular scale of any possible advertising opportunity is actually huge. Along with brand-new ethnic ingredients throughout make-up in addition to so-called cosmeceuticals staying launched to the Western marketplace, it can be merely a subject of energy previous to Photography equipment botanicals tend to be focused as possible options for brand-new medicines, make-up, in addition to cosmeceuticals by simply users involving business.

Just one indigenous Photography equipment seed using fantastic advertising possible will be the chicken tree (Kigelia africana; syn. Ok. pinnata*). Kigelia has become typically regarded as being an incredibly adjustable monospecific genus of the family Bignoniaceae. Although a number of types are actually documented during the past, also, they are synonomous using Bignonia africana, Ok. abyssinica, Ok. acutifolia, Ok. aethiopum, Ok. africana, Ok. ellioti, Ok. elliptica, Ok. impressa, in addition to Ok. spragueana. The use of this short article should be to evaluate your ethnobotanical employs in addition to methodical investigation about this specific useful seed.

Nomenclature in addition to Organic Explanation

The particular grownup chicken tree features magnificent fruit; most of these can easily weigh a number of kilograms in addition to resemble huge sausages, therefore your tree’s common Uk name. With Afrikaans, it is known as worsboom, kalabasboom, in addition to komkommerboom; it is additionally often known as umfongothi (Zulu), muvevha (Venda), in addition to mvunguti (Chichewa-Malawi). This can be a semi-deciduous-to-deciduous tree which matures to help 30 measures extra tall. It could be found all over sub-Saharan Photography equipment, nevertheless it’s indigenous assortment expands coming from Tanzania within the upper to help KwaZulu–Natal throughout To the south Photography equipment within the to the south. Its environment contains start woodlands in addition to damp areas for instance riverbanks about alluvial earth, nevertheless is actually common during the entire savannah aspects of exotic Photography equipment. (See map 1)

The particular tree’s sound off is actually grey in addition to sleek in addition to flakes throughout elderly examples. Foliage tend to be swarmed at the suggestions involving twigs, in addition to younger leaves tend to be brownish crimson. Blossoms grow throughout long, loose, pendulous sprays involving 5-12 blossoms. Petals are a serious, velvety crimson using orange veining on the outside of. The particular cylindrical berries is actually pendulous using a long berries stalk. The particular berries can easily mature to 1 meter long in addition to 20 cm large which is grey in addition to rounded with the top.

The particular tree blossoms coming from May to help April in addition to fruit coming from Dec to help 06. According to the local weather, your chicken tree is actually amazingly fast-growing and will develop fully throughout several to help 5 years. Vine ripened fruit can easily think about to help 12 kg and will trigger considerable damage once they lower. Featuring a fast expansion fee, dispersing canopy, in addition to useful blossoms in addition to berries, Kigelia is usually a common street tree throughout To the south Photography equipment which is produced to provide color throughout Quarterly report. It can also be used efficiently regarding bonsai; your solid stem tends to make a beautiful attribute. two


Kigelia commence to blossom coming from the age of 6 years. Mature fruit is available about bushes year-round, nevertheless berries accumulated in the terrain is often involving poor quality as it is actually speedily infested using insects or perhaps eaten by simply animals and therefore definitely not employed by humans. Fruit in the bushes are utilized to make dried up berries pulp with a range of apps. Seeds germination increases following 1 year involving storage space, which could end up being due to bodily dormancy or maybe because the fruit tend to be drop before the seed tend to be thoroughly develop fully in addition to continue his or her development on a lawn naturally. Soaking your seed throughout cooking food h2o regarding 1 second products germination—an 80% accomplishment fee may be observed. Cuttings they can double regarding distribution. Truncheons lower in the tree can be grown into earth in addition to underlying commonly. Kigelia pinnata is actually pollinated by simply bats, nevertheless insects are also attracted to your flowers’ coloring in addition to aroma.

The particular bushes are normally found on flatlands that are fitted with an increased h2o information (alluvial soils), and they are regularly overloaded, thus frequently render these faulty regarding gardening some other plant life. This particular benefits your Kigelia bushes given it helps prevent huge deficits of the higher height berries, as collection coming from overloaded flatlands may become difficult. This particular water damage rescues bushes coming from damage by simply herbivores (e. g., baboons, elephants) in addition to provides for regeneration.


With Malawi, your berries is actually accumulated by the corporation termed TreeCrops using support in the district. Solely berries coming from bushes inside the do places tend to be accumulated in order to avoid contamination, as TreeCrops regards farmlands as places definitely not suited to lasting selection in addition to makes an attempt to help keep your natural farm position of the wild-harvested Kigelia berries. The particular do places tend to be proven with the district in addition to mapped in addition to administered by simply TreeCrops. The particular area utilize is actually contracted for any amount of at the least 36 months to maintain your plants position and also the do ecology design.

Harvestable Yields

In the course of trial offers, TreeCrops proven the normal bodyweight per berries involving several. 5 kg. Matters of the berries per tree provided huge variants between those definitely not bearing berries and people using in excess of 250 fruit per tree. The normal quantity had been 41 fruit, that means approximately 185 kg involving berries can be collected per tree.

Sustainability Indications

Once-a-year lab tests tend to be executed on the lasting harvestable yield per tree. The normal physique is actually increased using the quantity of bushes per listed do place in addition to compared with this market desire. The genuine threat to help sustainability just isn’t over-harvesting in the tree, however the impact involving humans—particularly grazing involving wildstock, wildfires, in addition to woodland destruction, as gardening postures some sort of threat towards normal plants. It is hoped which by using TreeCrops and also the district, establishment involving woodland places should certainly reduce the threat involving do destruction coming from regional slash-and-burn agriculture strategies in addition to make certain not simply your sustainability of the Kigelia learning resource, however the complete ecosystem as well as fine associations amid Ok. pinnata and other interdependent types.

Standard Medical Utilizes

There are lots of anecdotal employs of the chicken tree. 3, several, 5 The particular powdered develop fully berries is actually put on like a attire throughout the treating injuries, abscesses, in addition to ulcers. The particular environment friendly berries can be used like a poultice regarding syphilis in addition to rheumatism, as well as a poultice made out of leaves can be used like a treatment method regarding backache. A great infusion is made of the earth sound off in addition to fruit to help remedy abdominal complications throughout young children, in addition to a great infusion in the root base in addition to sound off is actually arrive at address pneumonia. two With Zimbabwe, some sort of decoction made out of your sound off is actually gargled to help remedy toothache. The main brain can be cleaned through an infusion made out of your sound off to help remedy epilepsy. 6 Fruit can be used like a snakebite antidote, to help fatten toddlers, plus like a clear regarding share animals. With Ghana, berries in addition to root base tend to be boiled using the “tassels” involving plantain blossoms like a “woman’s treatment, ” while berries is actually applied on the busts involving young girls throughout Cape Verde to improve his or her development. 7 Fruit can be employed by your Vhavenda adult men of the Limpopo province involving To the south Photography equipment to improve penile sizing. 8 This particular regional utilize had been imagined explainable with the Doctrine involving Signatures (a theory which the employment of some sort of seed regarding treating condition had been suggested by simply it’s coloring and/or look, elizabeth. g. the form of the fruit involving Ok. pinnata resemble some sort of penile in addition to had been known as a great aphrodisiac). Sound off in addition to leaf decoctions tend to be consumed as abortifacients, in addition to berries is frequently added to alcohol being an aphrodisiac throughout Kenya. 9 With West Photography equipment, leaves are utilized regarding dysentery, abdominal in addition to kidney conditions, snakebite, in addition to injuries, while arises in addition to twigs are utilized to regenerate preference in addition to regarding sores, injuries, snakebite, rheumatism, in addition to dysentery, along with abdominal in addition to kidney conditions. Fruit can be used regarding sores, to regenerate preference, in addition to regarding constipation, gynecological issues, haemorrhoids, lumbago, dysentery, and since some sort of purgative in addition to galactagogue. Root base are utilized regarding gynecological problems, constipation, in addition to tapeworm. Obviously, there are many anecdotal reviews involving the employment of crude treatments of the Kigelia berries acquire throughout To the south Photography equipment regarding the treating solar keratosis (a pre-cursor to help skin tone cancer) in addition to malignant melanoma. 3, 10

The particular berries is actually documented to obtain sturdy purgative components, in addition to unripe berries is actually well-known to get extremely toxic in the event consumed orally. two Fruit sometimes brings about scorching of the tongue in addition to skin tone. 11, 12

The particular seed involving Ok. aethiopum (synonymous using Ok. pinnata) tend to be partially roasting in addition to put into alcohol, nevertheless in the event still left too long provide it toxic. It’s also been alleged that the girl died thirty five hours following nausea or vomiting when this specific seed had been used being an abortifacient. Also, Kigelia can be used throughout alcohol to help enlarge your sex internal organs in addition to reviews are present people regarding criminal poisoning. 12

Non-Medicinal Utilizes

Even though baboons tend to be recognized to consume your fruit, your pulp involving unripe fruit tend to be said to be posionous to help humans. Nevertheless, pieces involving develop fully cooked fruit are utilized to help ferment in addition to flavor conventional Photography equipment alcohol. 13 The particular seed involving vine ripened fruit can be roasting throughout hot ash in addition to eaten and they are documented to get energy-rich, using a?substantial amount?of phosphorous, necessary protein, in addition to fats. In return, your seed products gas is actually abundant in oleic acid in addition to fatty acids, possesses possible to get an important health learning resource. 18 Also, your leaves involving Ok. pinnata are actually put being an essential health learning resource, similar to some other environment friendly leafy produce for instance spinach. 15 They may be eaten by simply lactating women in a variety of areas of sub-Saharan Photography equipment because they are thought to improve the volume in addition to quality involving breastmilk. The particular dried up leaves comprise numbers of necessary proteins which could present effective many benefits along with minerals in addition to nutritional requirements including lime scale, magnesium, in addition to flat iron. 15

The particular blossoms tend to be eaten by simply home-based share in addition to video game, kudu, nyala, impala, in addition to grey duiker. Foliage tend to be eaten by simply elephants in addition to kudu. The particular tree makes high class wooden and also the wooden is actually documented to get uncomplicated to use. Men and women located alongside huge streams, specifically your Chobe in addition to Zambezi, make his or her dugout canoes in the tree. of sixteen

The particular boiled fruit are also used to make a crimson coloring and also the root base tend to be documented to make a orange coloring. 5 A lot of the traditional using Ok. pinnata enters relevant app towards skin tone. It is documented that this Tonga women of the Zambezi Area routinely employ cosmetic formulations of the fruit on their people to maintain some sort of blemish-free tone. 5 Although not thoroughly determined, this specific conventional utilize, similar to numerous others, is actually from the bioactive components of Ok. pinnata.

Element Constituents

It is always imperative that you understand what legitimate metabolites are found inside a seed because they might type the foundation to its conventional utilize, particularly when there’re the same as, or perhaps a lot like, chemical substances coming from some other types. Family members Bignoniaceae, that Ok. pinnata is usually a associate, is actually observed for that occurence of countless legitimate metabolites including iridoids, naphthoquinones, 18 saponins, tannins, flavonoids, coumarins, as well as some people, which is said to be an important source of bioactive chemical substances. 17 The particular root base in addition to sound off involving Ok. pinnata contain the naphthoquinone lapachol and also the dihydroisocoumarin kigelin as major chemical substances. 19, 20 Several other chemical substances, such as the naphthaquinoids kigelinone, pinnatal, in addition to isopinnatal, and also the sterols stigmasterol in addition to beta-sitosterol are actually out of the way in the sound off. 20 The particular flavonoids 6-hydroxyluteolin-7-alpha-glucoside in addition to luteolin are actually out of the way in the fruit and also the leaves 21 years old as the root base have also yielded dihydroisocoumarins, lapachol, in addition to sterols, and also the occurrence involving iridoid glycosides also has been documented. 19, 22, 23 Also, a survey of the heartwood determined your occurrence involving lapachol, dehydro-alpha-lapachone, tecomaquinone-I, D-sesamin, paulownin, kigeliol, kigelinone, β-sitosterol, in addition to stigmasterol. twenty four


The particular iridoids within Kigelia match your 9-carbon skeleton form, elizabeth. g., catalpol, within some other users of the Bignoniaceae family. The particular major iridoids within the fundamental sound off in addition to stem sound off involving Ok. pinnata tend to be specioside, verminoside, in addition to minecoside. 30 These kinds of iridoids, exclusively verminoside, have experienced the most methodical materials printed on the exclusive anti-inflammatory components. With vitro assays showed which verminoside received significant anti-inflammatory side effects in addition to inhibited both equally iNOS (nitric oxide synthase) manifestation with no (nitric oxide) generate throughout macrophage cellular outlines. twenty six, 35, 31 Additional investigation furthermore had been undertaken throughout vitro on the cytotoxicity in addition to cutaneous discomfort involving Kigelia berries crude acquire about skin tone cells produced throughout monolayers (ML) in addition to throughout reconstituted man pores and skin (RHE, 3D). These kinds of testing found which nor your iridoids verminoside none verbascoside extracted in the berries of the seed brought about virtually any generate involving pro-inflammatory mediators, with no histomorphological changes had been observed of the RHE, 28 further hinting that anti-inflammatory action.

Antiamoebic components involving iridoids in addition have been documented. 30 Concentrated amounts in the stem sound off involving Ok. pinnata had been analyzed throughout vitro next to Entamoeba histolytica. Butanol extracts in the Ok. pinnata stem sound off showed throughout vitro antiamoebic action. About three acknowledged iridoids—specioside, verminoside in addition to minecoside—were out of the way coming from stem sound off in addition to analyzed throughout remote location, in addition to verminoside had been found to have a 2-fold antiamoebic action in comparison with an ordinary substance (metronidazole). 30

Additional analysis of the fruit by simply people throughout Egypt features determined several brand-new iridoid chemical substances in addition to 7 chemical substances by now acknowledged. thirty-one A fresh furanone offshoot created as 3-(2’-hydroxyethyl)-5-(2”-hydroxypropyl)-dihydrofuran-2(3H)-one, in addition to several brand-new iridoids branded 7-hydroxy viteoid II, 7-hydroxy eucommic acid, 7-hydroxy-10-deoxyeucommiol, in addition to 10-deoxyeucommiol are actually out of the way as well as 7 acknowledged iridoids, jiofuran, jioglutolide, 1-dehydroxy-3, 4-dihydroaucubigenin, des-p-hydroxybenzoyl kisasagenol N, ajugol, verminoside, in addition to 6-trans-caffeoyl ajugol.

Phenylpropanoid in addition to Phenylethanoid Derivatives

Additional phytochemical research of the fruit involving Ok. pinnata features yielded a whole new phenylpropanoid offshoot seen as 6-p-coumaroyl-sucrose as well as 10 acknowledged phenylpropanoid in addition to phenylethanoid derivatives as well as a flavonoid glycoside. Chemical substances determined had been 6-O-caffeoyl-β-D-fructofuranosyl-(2-1)-α-D-glucopyranoside 2-(3-hydroxy-4-methoxyphenyl) ethyl O-α-L-rhamnopyranosyl-(1-3)-[β-D-gluco-pyranosyl-(1-6)]-(4- O-feruloyl)-β-D-glucopyranoside, decaffeoylacteoside, acteoside, isoacteoside, jionoside Debbie, echinacoside, 6-caffeoylglucose, in addition to 6-feruloylsucrose while some sort of flavonoid glycoside had been seen as isoschaftoside. 32


In a few To the south United states types involving Bignoniaceae, naphthoquinones exist throughout very huge amounts in addition to impact along with of the wooden. Lapachol had been determined within underlying in addition to sound off extracts. 19 The particular trait ingredient involving a number of types involving Tabebuia, some sort of associated genus of the Bignoniaceae within the Western Hemisphere (mainly To the south America), lapachol might end up being cytotoxic in addition to formerly had been perused like a possible treatment method regarding melanoma with the National Institutes involving Well being in the states. Lapachol may be documented as seen in a small amount within the wooden in addition to root base involving Ok. pinnata by simply a number of detectives. 18 A couple of pairs involving monoterpenoid-naphthaquinoid compounds—named pinnatal in addition to isopinnatal—and kigelinol in addition to isokigelinol, exclusive to help Ok. pinnata, are actually out of the way in the root base in addition to berries of the seed. thirty-three


Scientists throughout The indian subcontinent 18, 19 determined in addition to out of the way in the underlying and also the sound off involving Ok. pinnata two brand-new dihydroisocoumarins: kigelin, in addition to O-methylkigelin.


The particular flavonoids 6-hydroxyluteolin-7-alpha-glucoside in addition to luteolin are actually out of the way in the fruit and also the leaves. 21 years old The particular flavonol quercetin in addition to several flavonones, luteolin, it’s 6-OH analogue, in addition to related 7-O glucosides, had been out of the way in the leaves in addition to fruit involving Ok. pinnata.

Essential fatty acids

Palmitic acid, by now recognized to have antibacterial action, had been determined within the berries acquire involving Kigelia. 34


The particular lignan kigeliol had been out of the way in the wooden in addition to had been the only real lignan documented right up until 1999, in the event the neolignan balanophonin had been out of the way in the stembark. 18


The common steroids β-sitosterol in addition to stigmasterol are actually out of the way by simply a variety of individuals in the sound off and also the underlying. 18

Biological Routines

Almost all, or even most, of the experimentally proven scientific action involving Ok. pinnata may be related for some reason to help it’s conventional employs.

Cytotoxic Action

Anecdotal reviews allege which apps involving ethanolic extracts in the berries have demostrated outstanding side effects about solar hyperkeratoses in addition to uncomplicated hpv warts. The particular napthaquinoids norviburtinal in addition to isopinnatal are actually shown to prevent melanoma cellular expansion throughout traditions. 35

In line with the anecdotal reviews involving anti-melanoma action, crude dichloromethane extracts involving Ok. pinnata stem sound off in addition to berries had been analyzed in addition to showed cytotoxic action throughout vitro next to cultured melanoma and other melanoma cellular outlines. several, 10, 35, thirty five

The particular dichloromethane acquire involving stem sound off were being analyzed earlier in addition to found to offer IC50 prices between two in addition to 5 µg/ml in addition to, within this study, the same acquire furthermore provided IC50 prices between 1 in addition to several µg/ml. 35 (See Desk 1E online†)

North america National Cancer Institute (NCI) features encouraged when your IC50 benefit is actually a lot less than several mcg/ml, then the extract/compound can be viewed as using a cytotoxic impact. Therefore, it is noticeable that these extracts have such action and that the activity involving a lot of the fractions tends to make these candidates regarding further research. It would appear that your extracts comprise more than one lively ingredient since action involving a lot less than several mcg/ml had been available by simply a number of fractions. 35 (See Furniture 1E in addition to 2E online†). On top of that, function printed with the Middle regarding Cancer Investigation in addition to Cellular Biology with Queen’s University or college, Belfast, Eire, reviews which of the chemical substances determined in addition to related to cytotoxicity next to man melanoma cells, furo-naphthoquinones had been found to get the most efficient. These kinds of chemical substances furthermore proven some sort of cytotoxic impact throughout two man busts melanoma cellular outlines; your authors advise follow-up investigation to the influence involving further adjustments of the isocoumarin in addition to furo-naphthoquinone moieties. thirty seven

The particular fractions B4 in addition to F4 (See Desk 1E†) had been selected regarding further research in addition to remote location involving constituents simply because they showed the greatest and a lot constant cytotoxic action to all your melanoma cellular outlines analyzed. Thin-layer chromatography (TLC) study of fractions involving both equally stem sound off in addition to fruit was comprised of the identical two notable areas and specific zones, out of the way in addition to recognized as norviburtinal, isopinnatal, in addition to beta-sitosterol.

Beta-sitosterol had been found by simply TLC to get seen in every one of the lively fractions, but it available tiny action when analyzed and so is actually unlikely to help be responsible for the activity found. Norviburtinal showed some sort of much larger cytotoxic impact nevertheless showed tiny selectivity to melanoma cellular outlines. Isopinnatal available a bit larger cytotoxic action against the melanoma cellular outlines, 35 nevertheless it’s high cytotoxicity against the non-cancer fibroblasts implies it most likely incorporates a common cytotoxic impact which precludes it coming from staying considered as some sort of cause molecule regarding new anticancer brokers (see Furniture 1E in addition to 2E†).

In case norviburtinal will be the major cytotoxic ingredient seen in your fractions, then it’s awareness need to approximate towards IC50 benefit of the tiny proportion or perhaps acquire. The particular measured awareness involving norviburtinal ensures that it’s awareness within the lively fractions is actually effectively down below it’s IC50 benefit; thus it most likely leads to the overall cytotoxic side effects discovered, it’s likely which some other lively elements exist which eluded remote location due to their a small amount or perhaps on account of decomposition throughout the fractionation in addition to remote location procedures (see Desk 3E online†). The particular occurrence involving some other napthaquinoids may be documented in the stem sound off, nonetheless they weren’t found within this research. The particular conflict between information involving norviburtinal in addition to cytotoxicity might also end up being defined by simply the chance that some other elements seen in your sound off or perhaps fruit function throughout synergy using norviburtinal. 35 Since found throughout Desk 1E��, your crude acquire involving Kigelia received less IC50 benefit than out of the way chemical substances by itself, maybe offering credence a number of compounds’ operating collectively synergistically to offer a standard anti-neoplastic impact.

These kinds of results present further research for that achievable efficacy involving formulations made out of this specific conventional treatment throughout the treating skin tone cancer, even though the common cytotoxicity signifies that there will probably be some danger using its utilize.

Additional function undertaken on the ethanolic acquire of the Ok. pinnata berries extracts throughout vivo in addition to throughout vitro showed anti-cancer components. 37 The particular ethanolic berries acquire showed reasonable cytotoxic action within the brine shrimp (Artemia salina) nauplii bioassay through an LC50 involving 7500 mcg/ml. The particular throughout vivo reports throughout Swiss mice showed a great LD50 of just one. 3 g/kg my spouse and i. s. (intraperitoneally). Mouth government of the acquire to help mice resulted in a tremendous inhibition within the growth occurrence in addition to weight by simply 67% in addition to 76%, respectively, within the benzo (a)pyrene-induced forestomach tumorgenesis style. It will look that these email address particulars are starting to agree your validity of the ethnopharmacological employs of the fruit involving Ok. pinnata regarding the treating melanoma in addition to edema within the conventional process involving medication throughout Nigeria.

The particular University or college involving Illinois with Chicago’s NAPRALERT databases includes personal references to help Ok. pinnata’s, stem, berries, in addition to roots’ utilize regarding the treating melanoma of the uterus throughout Malawi. 39


With vivo reports throughout India40 have demostrated antinociceptive in addition to anti-inflammatory activites involving Ok. pinnata berries. A new methanolic acquire involving Ok. pinnata berries showed significant, dose-dependent action on the analyzed trial and error animal versions. The particular acquire created a tremendous decrease in computer mouse writhing elicited by simply acetic acid, a great height of the agony patience within the hot-plate process, in addition to inhibition involving both equally stages of the formalin agony examination throughout mice. The particular methanolic acquire of the Ok. pinnata berries furthermore created a tremendous inhibition involving carrageenan-induced paw edema throughout rats. These kinds of results further confirm the traditional using Ok. pinnata regarding the treating distressing inflammatory disorders. It is additionally noticeable that this anti-inflammatory chemical substances aren’t restricted to your fruit like a methanolic acquire of the blossom has found significant acitivites.

The particular acquire furthermore available designated anti-inflammatory side effects throughout feminine Wistar rats as mirrored by the significant inhibition of the enhance throughout rat paw area involving 72% in addition to 54%, which was the effect of a subplantar procedure involving fresh new agg albumen.

Recent reports in addition have perused the link between inflammatory issues in addition to men infertility, where by app involving Ok. pinnata berries acquire had been found to decrease testicular in addition to ejaculate oxidative tension, hinting that Kigelia’s possible to improve libido. 44 To fully realize your things concerned, further investigation becomes necessary, however the reports, yet again, give you a methodical basis regarding conventional using this specific types.

Twisted Curing

There is a long heritage people adjoining Ok. pinnata in addition to twisted healing, specially in relation to uses up in addition to microbe infections. Aqueous stem sound off acquire applied to twisted versions recognized this specific conventional utilize by simply displaying a heightened fee involving twisted contraction compared to the handle. 43 The game is actually possibly because of the free of charge significant scavenging components of the stem sound off such as the occurrence involving β-sitosterol, an active ingredient throughout Ok. pinnata. 43, forty-four

Antimicrobial Action
Ordinarily, the employment of your Ok. pinnata sound off in numerous areas of Photography equipment is perfect for the treating sexually sent disorders, therefore it is involving fantastic awareness which crude aqueous extracts in the stem sound off have demostrated significant antimicrobial action next to Bacillus subtilis, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, in addition to Candidiasis. forty-five, fouthy-six This particular action had been in part accounted regarding with the occurrence involving genuine iridoids, minecoside 1, in addition to specioside two. Additional work on your University or college involving Natal, throughout Durban, To the south Photography equipment, also has found antibacterial action next to gram-negative in addition to gram-positive microbes. 34 A variety of 3 fatty acids demonstrating antibacterial side effects had been out of the way in the ethyl acetate acquire of the fruit applying bioassay-guided fractionation. Palmitic acid, by now recognized to have antibacterial action, had been your major ingredient within this combination. One of the many other reports about this topic, a current book proven that Ok. pinnata extracts analyzed showed gentle antibacterial action, and also the maximum inhibition had been available with the chloroform-soluble acquire next to Shigella boydii in addition to Pseudomonas aeruginosa. forty seven The particular detection of the chemical substances involved in the action is important in the event healing employs involving Ok. pinnata have to be further designed.

The particular antibacterial action involving Ok. pinnata stem sound off about Salmonella types had been perused in addition to proven 100% inhibition of the examination living thing with a great acquire awareness involving 10% to help 20% (v/v). 48 The particular anti-nutrients which might be reponsible for that inhibition contain alkaloids, tannins, saponins, phenols, in addition to flavonoids, which exist throughout Ok. pinnata. 48 The effects of the unique study indicate your possible involving Ok. pinnata extracts to get used in the treating infections a result of antibiotic-resistant Salmonella types.

Antidiarrheal Action

Antidiarrheal action has been showed throughout trial and error throughout vivo versions. Aqueous leaf extracts had been analyzed about mice. Facts regarding antidiarrheal action had been furnished by your reduced fecal productivity in addition to security coming from castor oil-induced diarrhea within the extract-treated animals. The particular acquire amazingly lessened your propulsive movement of the gastrointestinal contents. Within the out of the way guinea this halloween ileum, your acquire did not appreciably impact acetycholine- in addition to histamine-induced contractions, nevertheless significantly reduced nicotine-evoked contractions. The particular intraperitoneal LD50 of the acquire throughout mice had been believed with 81. 65±24 mg/kg. twenty six

Antimalarial Action

The entire world Well being Corporation features believed which regarding 80% of the world’s human population throughout developing places utilize herbal treatments to help remedy a variety of conditions, in addition to among the world’s greatest issues is actually treatment method involving malaria. 1949 It is no real shock that this regional populations throughout Photography equipment start using a potion involving a number of seed types, a single staying Ok. pinnata. 50 Scientists throughout Tanzania perused your operations involving malaria using conventional herbal treatments, such as the utilize, preparation, in addition to government by simply conventional healers throughout Tanzania. The effects showed that conventional healers address malaria using herbal treatments composing of 1-5 unique plants, among those staying Ok. pinnata. Additional function undertaken with the University or college involving California-Berkeley shows that this naphthoquinones extracted in the underlying acquire involving Ok. pinnata had been impressive against the malaria-causing protozoa, Plasmodium falciparum. thirty-three The particular seek out brand-new antimalarial medicines has become progressively essential as malarial parasites be a little more repellent to help conventional treatments. A result of the good success involving Ok. pinnata primary trial offers, chemical substances from this types characterize a unique cause within the development involving medicines in addition to combination treatments next to malaria. thirty-three, 1951 Just one ingredient involving unique involvement in this specific industry is actually specioside containing found high action being an antiplasmodial component. Additional function becomes necessary of this type to look into medicines in addition to chemical substances throughout combination in addition to his or her possible toxicity. 1951 Although specioside in addition to p-hydroxycinnamic acid had been found to get non-cytotoxic, two chemical substances seen in a great n-hexane acquire, atranorin in addition to 2β, 3β, 19α-trihydroxy-urs-12-en-28-oic acid, did indicate cytotoxity with high concentrations. fladsk�rm

Hepatoprotective Action

Recent reports are actually undertaken about Ok. pinnata as well as possible hepatoprotective components. Paracetamol (acetaminophen) is usually a popular over-the-counter analgesic in addition to antipyretic substance, in addition to huge amounts could lead to lean meats damage (hepatic necrosis). Research done throughout vivo on the protecting side effects involving government involving extracts involving Ok. pinnata about elicited lean meats damage throughout mice showed it surely could behave as some sort of hepatoprotective next to paracetamol toxicity and that your procedure through which it does it is by simply behaving being an antioxidant. 53, 54

Photography equipment Trypanosomiasis (Sleeping Sickness)
Man Photography equipment trypanosomiasis, normally often known as sleeping health issues, is usually a parasitic condition of men and women in addition to animals a result of protozoa of the types Trypanosoma brucei in addition to sent with the tsetse travel. This can be a enormous medical trouble throughout Photography equipment; investigation undertaken shows which extracts in the underlying in addition to stem sound off involving Ok. pinnata had been lively next to Big t. brucei. Additional activity-guided fractionation triggered your remote location involving several napthaquinoids, specifically isopinnatal, kigelinol, isokigelinol, in addition to 2-(1-hydroxyethyl)-naptho[2, 3-b]furan-4, 9-quinone, the most lively ingredient staying your furano-naphthoquinone composition.


Just one business dedicated to your sustainability in addition to scaleability involving Photography equipment botanicals is actually PhytoTrade Photography equipment. This particular non-profit trade business, which presents a variety of normal solutions suppliers within the the southern part of Photography equipment region, claims that this international normal solutions industry—including the important thing sub-sectors involving foodstuff in addition to refreshments, make-up, plant based medication, in addition to pharmaceuticals—is at present respected with $65 billion dollars UNITED STATES DOLLAR per annum which is growing that has a 15-20% annual expansion fee within the last couple of years. fifty five The latest (as involving April 2010) conventional normal solutions trade within the the southern part of Photography equipment region is actually believed of them costing only $12 thousand UNITED STATES DOLLAR per annum, it could have your possible growing to help $3. 5 billion dollars UNITED STATES DOLLAR per annum (data are based on author’s presentation with the Un Meals in addition to Farm Corporation throughout April 2010, throughout Harare, Zimbabwe). Industry appears to be arranged regarding steady long-term expansion, in addition to enjoying forex trading wil attract for a few motives, specially throughout the quantity of beneficiaries in addition to his or her position throughout aspects of low farm in addition to monetary efficiency. The particular chicken tree should be only one such case of any uncooked normal Photography equipment botanical that may let loose a whole range of useful extracts, chemical substances, in addition to medicines regarding use in numerous market segments.

PhytoTrade Photography equipment, together with it’s users in addition to companion corporations, is effective to produce lasting, honorable, in addition to traceable offer chains regarding essential native Photography equipment seed solutions. The particular benefits of the PhytoTrade Photography equipment Honorable Biotrade Rent helps users to help embark on some sort of course involving constant enhancement concerning enviromentally friendly in addition to societal practices, in addition to best parts PhytoTrade’s responsibility to help good in addition to honorable trade, while in unison selling biodiversity efficiency. Crucial issues with your Rent contain lasting learning resource utilize in addition to collection practices, benefit-sharing contracts, in addition to complying using countrywide in addition to international legal guidelines. Making potential involving harvesters is actually essential which is recognized by using a means of good-harvesting practices, such as the development involving see-thorugh in addition to lasting company associations between harvesters, makers, in addition to buyers involving normal seed ingredients.


There are lots of anecdotal healing claims for that chicken tree, two, 3, 6, of sixteen, fouthy-six, 56 in addition to methodical investigation features determined a number of useful chemical substances, a lot of which might be recognized to possess anti-microbial, 30 anti-inflammatory, 28, 50 anti-fungal, antibacterial, 35 in addition to cytotoxic action. 35, thirty five, 57 Naturally, more investigation needs to ascertain your processes involving activity in addition to condition claims where most of these chemical substances indicate action. Nonetheless, Ok. pinnata is always a unique seed regarding further investigation into new brokers for that nutritional supplement, pharmaceutical, make-up, in addition to so-called “cosmeceutical” companies.

Professional Kigelia formulations regarding treating your skin tend to be advertised throughout To the south Photography equipment, nevertheless absolutely no medical claims are manufactured. Nevertheless, it can be commonly believed that these treatments minimize skin tone throughout freckles in addition to assist sores to help cure, your second option impact perhaps staying in connection with conventional wound-healing in addition to antibacterial parts. With European union in addition to Japan, the traditional claims regarding bust-firming in addition to skin-tightening are actually used in many business apps in addition to skin-care solutions can be found in most of these market segments.

Nevertheless, at a business perspective, it could look which attempts to cope with your dual ambitions involving enviromentally friendly sustainability in addition to monetary development throughout the southern part of Photography equipment about Photography equipment botanicals possess only started. fifty five Operate done throughout Uganda features outlined which prioritization in addition to domestication involving essential healing seed types must be undertaken, as well as a review throughout 2004 nominated Ok. pinnata like a essential types regarding domestication regarding foreseeable future utilize like a healing plants. fifty eight

Is it doesn’t goal of this short article in addition to every one of the cited personal references to provide a synopsis of the possible, latest, in addition to foreseeable future advantages which Kigelia, and eventually some other Photography equipment plants, may make both equally interior to help Photography equipment in addition to on the international phase. This is the message mirrored not too long ago within the initial chapter of any brand-new publication about Photography equipment healing plants, Photography equipment Healthy Place Products: Breakthrough discoveries in addition to Issues throughout Biochemistry and biology in addition to Excellent. fifty nine

Simon Knutson, PhD, is usually a pharmacognosist exactly who gained his MPhil in addition to PhD with Kings College, throughout Chelsea, Liverpool. His reports centered on Photography equipment healing plants throughout the treating malignant melanoma in addition to solar keratosis, in addition to he or she proved helpful together your melanoma system with Charing Cross punch Infirmary, Fulham, Liverpool. He or she done his post-doctorate investigation with the Noble Botanic Landscapes, Kew.

Involving his many vocation feats, Medical professional. Knutson features functioned like a pharmacognosy lecturer with University or college involving Zimbabwe College involving Pharmacy, in addition to, throughout 2011, he or she handled a great Photography equipment indeginous plants undertaking sponsored with the Meals in addition to Agriculture Corporation of the Un. He or she at present works like a pharmacognosy specialist for any UK-based botanical herb corporation. (Disclosure: Medical professional. Knutson features created some sort of Kigelia solution that could start this year by way of his own corporation, Medical professional. Jackson’s Healthy Products. )

Katie Beckett gotten your ex Top class Honours Diploma throughout The environmental Biology coming from Newcastle University or college, where by the lady had been furthermore awarded regarding success throughout seed research. Your woman had been among some sort of group involving about three to attempt a great trip towards the southern part of rainforests involving Cameroon to help map in addition to report national in addition to resource-based reliance on the do by simply native communities. Also, Beckett features co-authored a number of magazines about normal seed solutions coming from Photography equipment, including cosmetic, foodstuff, in addition to plant based healing ingredients.

Beckett at present is situated on the member’s program committee for that Nation involving Honorable BioTrade. She actually is currently employed like a investigation affiliate with PhytoTrade Photography equipment, your normal solutions trade organization regarding the southern part of Photography equipment. The woman’s investigation target amounts in the offer archipelago involving normal seed solutions to help seed hormone balance to help regulatory issues in addition to marketplace movements.

Stretch Marks

The Skinny of Stretch Marks

stretch marks causes and cures

Stretch marks appear when your skin is stretched suddenly. They occur in the strong middle layer of your skin (the dermis), which supports your skin’s outer surface (the epidermis).

Stretch marks are caused by rapid growth

The dermis is made up of strong fibres that connect to eachother and allow your skin to stretch as your body grows. However, if a part of your body grows rapidly over a short period of time, the fibres can become thin and over-stretched and some of them may break.

Where the fibres in the dermis break, tiny tears develop and the blood vessels that lie under your skin show through. This is why stretch marks look reddish in colour when they first appear. Eventually, the blood vessels contract to leave only the fat under your skin visible, and the stretch marks fade to a silvery white or grey colour.

Not everyone gets stretch marks. It may be that some people are more likely to develop stretch marks than others because their bodies produce a larger amount of a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol decreases the amount of collagen in your skin, which is a protein in the skin fibres that helps to keep it stretchy.

Several other factors can either cause stretch marks or make developing them more likely. These are outlined below.

Pregnancy can cause stretch marks

If you are pregnant, it is likely that you will develop stretch marks, particularly after the sixth month of your pregnancy.

Hormones that are produced by your body during pregnancy help to soften the ligaments (strong bands of tissue connecting joints) in your pelvis, so that they give more when you come to deliver your baby. However, these hormones also soften the fibres in your skin, making you prone to stretch marks.

As your baby grows, you may develop stretch marks on your abdomen (stomach) as your skin is gradually stretched further and further. Stretch marks may also appear on your thighs and breasts as they get bigger and heavier.

Gaining weight quickly can cause stretch marks

You may find that you have stretch marks if you put on a lot of weight over a short period of time. The stretch marks may remain even if you lose the weight that you have gained. However, they should fade over time.

If you diet regularly, stretch marks can form as your weight goes up and down rapidly. If you are dieting, it is important to lose weight slowly and steadily so that your skin is not put under strain.

Bodybuilders and athletes may also get stretch marks as their muscles increase in size.

Puberty can cause stretch marks

Young people tend to grow very quickly during puberty. During puberty your body develops in growth spurts, bit by bit.

Males often get stretch marks on their shoulders and back, whereas females tend to get them on their hips, thighs and breasts.

Family history can cause stretch marks

If you have close relatives who have stretch marks (such as your mother) you may be more likely to develop them yourself. Stretch marks may affect both male and female members of your family, although they are more likely to occur in women.

Certain medications can cause stretch marks

You may find that you develop stretch marks if you use corticosteroid medicines, such as creams, lotions or tablets for eczema (a skin condition that causes itching and redness).

Corticosteroids work in a similar way to the hormone cortisol, which is produced naturally in your body. Medicines that contain corticosteroids can ease the inflammation that is caused by skin conditions, but they can also decrease the amount of collagen that is in your skin.

Collagen is needed to keep your skin stretchy, so the less there is in your skin, the more likely it is that stretch marks will develop.

Certain health conditions can cause stretch marks

Sometimes, stretch marks can be caused by a rare underlying condition, such as Cushing’s syndrome or Marfan syndrome.

Cushing’s syndrome can cause stretch marks

Cushing’s syndrome occurs when the body produces an excess amount of cortisol, the same hormone that may make some people more prone to stretch marks than others.

In Cushing’s syndrome, your body produces so much cortisol that it can cause a variety of symptoms including:

  • weight gain,
  • back pain, and
  • excessive body and facial hair.

If you have Cushing’s syndrome your stretch marks may be quite noticeable and dark in colour.

Marfan syndromey can cause stretch marks

Marfan syndrome is caused by a faulty gene that affects your body’s connective tissues, including your skin. It weakens your body’s tissues and affects their elasticity (ability to stretch), so that your skin is not as resistant to stretch marks as it should be.

If you have Marfan syndrome you may have stretch marks on your shoulders, hips or lower back, although the condition also causes several other symptoms, such as curvature of the spine and problems with vision.

Steroid use can cause stretch marks

When you’re using steroids you’re encouraging your body to grow much faster than it could ordinarily.  Combined with a the aggressive training regimes that steroid users engage in it’s more than probable that your natural collagen production won’t be able to keep up.  When that happens you’ll develop some gnarly stretch marks.



Traditional Medical Uses for the Sausage Tree Fruit

Traditional Medical Uses for the Sausage Tree Fruit


sausage tree fruit

Kigelia Africana or Kigelia pinnata is one of a kind and the only Kigelia plant. It gets its name from the Mozambican name for the tree, Kigeli-keia, and the English name is because of the shape and size of its fruit. These are not your breakfast type of sausage, but more of a German wurst, or Italian Mortadella or salami. In fact the German name Leberwurst (liver sausage) for this tree reflects this. It is a member of the Bignoniaceae family of trumpet-creeper plants as is the jacaranda, another species which is unique.

It is native to Sub-Saharan Africa and particularly likes woodland areas along streams and river banks and savannah. Its flowers have an unpleasant smell which may be why it attracts fruit bats, as they are normally drawn towards white flowers, but the Sausage tree flowers are maroon or dark red. Hawk moths along with the bats help to pollinate the flowers which also attract birds as they are full of nectar. Hungry antelope and deer species eat the fallen flowers, and it is said that baboons and porcupines among other animals feast on the fruit which is toxic for humans. Despite this it is used in traditional medicine, especially the dried seeds and leaves and the pulp when removed from the seeds is said to help give women firm breasts.

The powdered leaves are used for their wound healing and cleansing properties and it is used for STDs, malaria and a whole range of diseases including gynaecological ones. In fact it may be the African equivalent of the Neem tree that grows in the Indian subcontinent.

The fruit hangs down, suspended on twig-like ‘strings’ and it looks rather as though someone has played an elaborate April Fool’s joke, tying German sausages to the branches. However it is a real tree and does have these amazing fruit. They can probably give you concussion if you unwittingly take shelter from the sun under its shade. On average they weigh around 3 kilos but a large one could weigh as much as 9 kilos. They can be 30-60 centimetres long and have a diameter of around10 centimetres. If you try to eat one you will get blisters on your skin and in your mouth and will be violently ill.

neem tree leaves

The roasted fruit is used to flavour beer and to assist in the fermentation process, and in times of scarcity, apparently the seeds are roasted and eaten.

They have many traditional uses as the fruit has anti-microbial properties so the powdered fruit is used for skin problems such as acne, and for dressing wounds, and in water it is used as disinfectant. On a dressing the powder is applied to eczema and slices of the fruit are used to make breasts firm. Beauty products are now available which utilize extracts from Kigelia Africana, and these have been advertised as halting the aging process of the skin, although this has not been confirmed in clinical trials by those who do not have a vested interest in the beauty industry.

What seems to have been proved is that the extracts have anti-inflammatory properties and so are useful in after-sun lotions, and for soothing irritated skin. It is also believed, according to researchers at the University of Karachi’s Research Institute of Chemistry, that the extracts from the seeds have potent antioxidant effects. Currently research in on-going into the properties of the Sausage Tree, and researchers who have undertaken a review of the research so far (conducted in 2009) concluded “there is an enormous scope for the future research of Kigelia Africana considering the many medicinal properties it carries” and the fact that it is used for so many purposes traditionally. The researchers end with this call to action “more research work should focus on anti-cancer properties” as it seems that the extracts from this tree may inhibit melanoma.

Olatunji and Olubunmi who carries out the review were also concerned about sustainability and doubtless had in mind what tends to happen to plant species when Westerners decide they are useful either as cosmetics, food supplements or in pharmaceuticals. The Himalayan Yew is one species which is under threat because it is valuable to the pharmaceutical industry and Devil’s Claw is similarly endangered.

It is said that the roots yield a yellow dye, while the boiled fruits give a red one.  It is used in Botswana and Zimbabwe to make dugout canoes, and the strong wood is used for shelving and to make fruit boxes.

One of the folk remedies is to wrap a leaf from the Sausage tree around a wart, then bury it so that as the leaf decays so will the wart disappear. This is similar to the belief that you can cut a potato and rub it on a wart then bury the potato. Legend has it that Dr Livingstone saw a Kigelia africana and camped beneath it just before he got to Victoria Falls and carved his name on the trunk. It must not have been the fruit season (December to June) I guess.

The tree is sacred to some tribes’ people in Kenya and if a person is missing, presumed dead, they will bury one of the fruit of the sausage tree in place of the body of the lost person.
To see more photos of this tree go to and see Kim and Forrest Star’s  site.

Psoriasis – Frequently Asked Questions

Psoriasis – Frequently Asked Questions

is psoriasis

What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis [pronounced sore-EYE-ah-sis] is a chronic (lifelong) disease of the immune system that varies from person to person, both in severity and how it responds to treatments.

Is psoriasis contagious?

Psoriasis is not contagious. It is not something you can “catch” or that others can catch from you. Psoriasis lesions are not infectious.

What causes psoriasis?

While the exact causes of psoriasis have yet to be discovered, we know that the immune system and genetics play major roles in its development. Most researchers agree that the immune system is somehow mistakenly triggered, which speeds up the growth cycle of skin cells among other immune reactions.

How is psoriasis diagnosed?

No special blood tests or diagnostic tools exist to diagnose psoriasis. A dermatologist (doctor who specializes in skin diseases) or other health care provider usually examines the affected skin and determines if it is psoriasis. Sometimes a piece of skin is examined under the microscope.

Is there a cure for psoriasis?

There is no cure, but many different treatments, both topical (on the skin) and systemic (throughout the body), can clear psoriasis for periods of time. People often need to try out different treatments before they find one that works for them.

What treatments are the best for me?

No single psoriasis treatment works for everyone, but something will work for most people. It is hard to predict what will work for a particular individual; however, it is important to be open-minded and willing to work with your doctor to find a treatment that will work for you. Learn more about treatment options for psoriasis.

Is all psoriasis alike?

No. There are various forms of psoriasis with plaque psoriasis being the most common. Other forms are:

  • Guttate [GUH-tate], characterized by small dot-like lesions
  • Pustular, characterized by weeping lesions and intense scaling
  • Inverse, characterized by severe inflammation
  • Erythrodermic [eh-REETH-ro-der-mik], characterized by intense shedding and redness of the skin.

Psoriasis can range from mild to moderate to very severe.

Can psoriasis affect all parts of the body?

Psoriasis most commonly appears on the scalp, knees, elbows and torso. But psoriasis can develop anywhere, including the nails, palms, soles, genitals, and very infrequently on the face. Often the lesions appear symmetrically, which means in the same place on the right and left sides of the body.

Can psoriasis occur at any age?

Yes. Psoriasis often appears between the ages of 15 and 35, but it can develop at any age. Approximately 10 percent to 15 percent of those with psoriasis get it before age 10. Some infants have psoriasis, although this is considered rare.

Is psoriasis more prevalent in men or women, or in different ethnic groups?

Psoriasis occurs nearly equally in men and women. It is also present in all racial groups, but in varying rates. Psoriasis prevalence in African Americans is 1.3 percent compared to 2.5 percent of Caucasians.

Top 5 Herbs For Gorgeous & Glowing Skin

Top 5 Herbs For Gorgeous & Glowing Skin

Everyone wants to achieve glowing, gorgeous and perfect glowing skin. Often we go about it the wrong way and apply harmful chemical laden synthetic beauty products that end up causing more harm than good.
If you want to make a real and lasting change for your skin, opt for natural alternatives such as these magical herbal agents.
1. Chamomile
gorgeous skin chamomile
Chamomile is one of nature’s miracles. It has an incredible number of benefits, and none more so than for our skin. Alpha-bisabolol – a compound found in chamomile – reportedly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by accelerating the healingprocess of the skin while also possessing anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties. Applying a cooled cup of chamomile tea as a face wash or applying the tea bags onto your skin are two of the most effective ways to take advantage of chamomile as a natural skin healer.
2. Witch Hazel
glowing skin witch hazel
Produced from the leaves and bark of the North American Witch Hazel shrub, millions of people swear by witch hazel for its acne relieving properties. Witch hazel is an anti-inflammatory that helps to reduce inflammation of pimples. It also clears away excess sebum without drying out the skin too much. Witch hazel is also an astringent meaning it helps to tighten skin tissue and can reduce the appearance of dark under eye circles.
3. Aloe Vera
aloe vera glowing skin
Aloe vera is another of the more popular herbs for treating skin. Applied most commonly as a gel, women use aloe vera gel prior to applying make-up to keep skin moisturized while men often apply to skin after shaving to rehydrate and treat small cuts. Like witch hazel, aloe vera is another important natural remedy in the fight against acne. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce pimple size while its anti-microbial properties kill bacteria. Rich in vitamin C and E – two of the most important vitamins for our skin – aloe vera is another of nature’s miracles for achieving healthy, gorgeous skin.
4. Calendula
calendula glowing skin
Calendula is a garden plant in the daisy family that, like aloe vera and witch hazel, has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. It is also a vulnerary agent that helps to heal wounds and soothe damaged skin, such as sunburn, cuts and scrapes. Many have also used calendula oil to treat eczema.
5. Lavender
lavender glowing skin
Lavender may be more famous for its relaxing effects of the mind, but it also helps to soothe skin, too. It is rich in a compound called linalool that assists with skin healing while also preventing tissue degeneration keeping skin firm and preventing wrinkles. To make lavender even more of an anti-aging wonder, it encourages the growth of new skin cells due to its cytophylactic properties. Lavender also helps to heal wounds, scar tissue, acne, eczema and problem skin. Being anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-toxic, anti-bacterial and an anti-septic just serves to show how incredible lavender is for skin.
Our skin is the largest organ we possess so looking after it is of the utmost importance. Avoid harmful chemical laden treatments and instead turn to the wonderful herbs Mother Nature has to offer us.
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