Sustainability and the Environment

Our products are produced in small batches using natural ingredients that have been locally sourced. Supply of the Sausage Tree fruit is plentiful and can grow to accomodate future demand.

Unlike some of the larger cosmetic corporations, our carbon footprint is negligible and our processes environmentally friendly. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond environment and biodiversity however. Kigelia products also play a large part in helping to develop and provide social benefits to the local communities that tend, nurture and harvest the fruit of the Sausage Tree.

As the properties of Kigelia become more widely known and Kigelia based products become readily available, these small African communities will continue to directly benefit.  Our products support the aims of Phytotrade, a community based project which was created to ensure ‘fair trade’ and sustainable harvesting of natural products in Africa.

They ensure that the marketing of African botanicals is conducted in a fair and reasonable way, where rural people can sustain themselves and still protect the natural flora of the continent.

Commercialization of the Sausage Tree

Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare is a cosmetic company that has added Kigelia as an ingredient to its skincare range. Liz undertook a botanical research trip to Southern Africa to understand more about the Sausage Tree and its healing properties.