Kigelia Africana imports botanical products from around the world and is located in Houston, Texas.

Our focus is to promote natural skincare solutions for problem skin. Our aim is to provide organic products that contain key ingredients without unhealthy chemicals.

Many of today’s cosmetic and skincare products contain harmful parabens, additives and petro-chemicals. The price of these products is then heavily influenced by the amount spent on corporate advertising and marketing to seduce the average consumer into purchasing. The scale of these manufacturing operations can often mean that ingredients are added for their cost effectiveness or ease of manufacture, rather than for their intrinsic benefit.

Products promoted here contain ingredients that are usually indigenous to the place of manufacture and are made in small batches using fresh ingredients that have a history of curative properties.

The active ingredients are added to the extent that they play a major part in determining the efficacy of the product. This is in contrast to more mass produced products that claim usage of specific ingredients but in such small measures that the overall effectiveness of the ingredient may be diminished.